C-13 Push Up Sports Gym Workout Bra for Women by Wolph

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With this Push-up sports bra, you get the essential comfort you need to perform at your best. Losing oneself in the moment is key to great performance, as you grind through each set at the gym or finish each pose at the Yoga studio.
This Nylon/Spandex Workout bra is breathable to even out the temperature in your upper-body during intense exercise. The real buckle design secures the bra in place and provides a most essential mechanism to remove the apparel after your session. 

Fabric Type: BroadCloth
Fabric Composition: 220gsm, 75%Nylon, 25%Spandex
Fit: Normal Fit
Bra Style: Buckle
Care: Machine Washable (Gentle) / Hand Wash

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