Gabesy Ergo Carrier Baby Carrier Backpack by Wolph

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Regular close contact with mother and child has been shown to improve both the health of a child and the psychological development of children and that is what this modern baby carrier is trying to achieve.

The Gabsy ergo carrier for mothers is an essential tool for mothers and their newborns, as a convenient and safe method of carrying a baby whilst on the move.

The product was carefully designed to protect the baby, with padding at the bottom of the carrier and at the neck line, to keep the baby's head in place.

For advanced details on this product, please see features and specifications.

Front Carrier Mode
Over 20kg Carrier Capacity
Suitable for Babies between 2 - 30Months
Extra Padding for Optimum Comfort & Safety
In-built padded sitter for the Baby
Specifications Suitable for 2 - 30 Month old Babies
Material: Cotton + Polyester + Velcro
IXPE Shoulder Straps
3CM Sponge -filled Cushion

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